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Property Management

Tenancy Management

Room Conveyance


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Service business sector

The control and inspection of the area in addition to cleaning and security of the parking building. Also includes public relations, standard specification and management of data systems.

Engineering sector

Security plan with a five year budget. Includes the inspection and analysis of current equipment and machinery using current standard in addition to the appraisal of building technician’s knowledge and the planning of the building’s energy saving scheme.

Law sector

Involves the follow up of unpaid debt for central expenses and the standard setting for the building’s juristic person for income generation. Also includes legal consultation for the building.

Human resource sector

Appraisal of all employee’s skill level including the planning of employee training and team building activities including to employee role setting for each position.

Financial transaction sector

Involves the issuing of invoice/receipts, information gathering and update for shareholders in addition to the summarization of previous account receivables. Also includes the reporting of monthly account receivables, write up of important documents and withholding forms in addition to the issuing of PND 3 and 53 forms for the Revenue Department. Must be able to write up cheques from the system for both expenses and income, important monthly documents and budgets.

Data management sector

Involves the maintenance of building information, standards, guest regulations, asset registration, equipment registration, keys registration and tasks regarding legal service agreements, master plan budget and exchange rate for foreign guests.